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radaamerica is your distributor for Rada Cutlery. Rada mfg. has been producing quality cooking utensils since 1948. Over 117 million knives have been produced, providing chefs and chef wannabes all over the world with long lasting sharp cutlery. When you are shopping for the next wedding, anniversary or holiday gift, why not give a gift that lasts and provides years of enjoyment? Shop radaamerica online for all your kitchen utensil needs.

radaamerica carries the full line of Rada Cutlery items including:

Dinner knives


Slicing Knives




Paring Knives




Outdoor Knives

Bread Knives

Steak Knives

Pizza Cutters

What makes Rada Cutlery so sharp?

Q2: My Grandma had knives that look like Rada Cutlery - were they?
A1: Our knife blades are constructed using a specially formulated T420 High Carbon Stainless Steel. The results are two fold: first, the formulation helps ensure our ability to apply the initial razor sharp edge to your cutlery and secondly, the formulation maximizes the edge retention properties as you use it in your kitchen.

A2: We hear this comment quite often. Yes, it is possible that "this is the knife your grandmother used" as we have been manufacturing aluminum handle cutlery since 1948.

Q3: Are the knives dishwasher safe?
A3: It is best to hand wash and dry all cutlery to protect the cutting edge. Dishwasher detergents will also stimulate the oxidation of the aluminum handles. While oxidation is a natural process that causes no harm to aluminum it will cause the handles to darken over time.

Q4: What makes the Vegetable Peeler so sharp?
A4: Our Vegetable Peeler blade was designed with a proprietary sharpening process that took us three years of testing to develop. Hard work pays off!

Q5: I've never seen a knife that can cut tomatoes so thin! What makes the tomato slicer different?

A5: Unlike other types of cutlery, our carefully designed blade is both hollow ground plus serrated on both sides. The results allow you to be incredibly accurate with a remarkably sharp knife whether you are right or left-handed. All of this leads to amazing results!

Radaamerica steak knife

Radaamerica steak knife

Yvonne and Jerry have been selling the Rada Cutlery for over 16 years. As we are at our selling venues, we get comments over and over about how wonderful and great the rada cutlery product line is. Many times, we don't even have to sell the product to new customers, because a current user will step in and herald the benefits of owning and using Rada Cutlery. They tell the new customer, just go to the radaamerica.com website and see everything that is in the line, and at prices that are lower than most everyone else.

I love the story that a customer told me that she got a set of rada cutlery for a wedding gift in 1949. She said the marriage didn't last but the cutlery did, and she is still using it today. The stories that customers tell us over and over are about how great the knives are and how they have, through the years had more expensive cutlery, but still come back to and love their Rada Cutlery.

Rada Cutlery now has a complete line of black stainless steel resin handle knives that are dishwasher safe. They are the same blade and the same price as the originial aluminum handle knives. A complete pictorial list of products is on the radaamerica.com website.

They created radaamerica.com as website to spread the word about how great the Rada Cutlery is. They have been selling Rada Cutlery at Fleamasters flea market in Ft Myers Florida for the past 10 years and in the recent years have added Yvonnes's original no streaks microfiber cloth, pocket knives and Smith sharpening equipment to our list of excellent products that we represent. Please check the calendar on our website for current selling locations.

radaamerica is a division of Yvonne's Original No Streak cloths. radaamerica is not a trademark of Rada Cutlery Mfg. See www.radacutlery.com